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Interview with Beatrice Zancanaro

“Back from the European Championship of Baku”

The italian gymnast Beatrice Zancanaro achieved the 21th place in the qualification of the 23-rd European Championship for individual seniors held in Baku (Azerbaijan) from the 28th of June to the 1st July 2007.

Padova, 11th July 2007

Who she is

Name: Beatrice Zancanaro
Date of birth: 31/01/1989
Country: Italy

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- A futile question to start: what did you take to home from Baku?

A magnet, three pendants, some presents, many photographies, an experience, and a mythical twelfth place in rope!

- Which gymnasts did you like most at the Europeans?

I liked a lot Godunko with rope, Peycheva with hoop, Kanaeva with ribbon: she´s precise, flexible, expressive and original. But I missed a lot Shpekht; she can “eat” the floor… I´d like to be able to do that too.

- Do you think there were any “strange” scores at the Europeans?

I´m not a judge so I can´t comment the assigned scores, and I didn´t watch all the competition, so I can talk only about myself. I´m obviously happy for the result gained with rope, I expected more for the ribbon, but I have understood that I make mistakes in the execution and in the technical elements in some exercises.

- Laurito and you competed in group B. How much does it count to compete in a group instead of another?

In my opinion it counts, because during the competition the scores warm up. Unluckily, as italians, we didn´t succeed to re-enter group A, even if the national directrix and we too desired it a lot, so there´s a bit of bitterness. About me, I discovered only when I was back in Italy that I didn´t qualify for the European Championship of Torino 2008 because of a difference in score of only 0.150, and this hurt me.

- Comparing some results it seems you please more abroad than in Italy…

There are some questions nobody can answer. I am glad international jury appreciate me, but I respect everybody´s opinion.

- Do italian individual gymnasts feel a bit unknown?

A bit. There are many foreign gymnasts who compete nearly in all the competitions, so they are easily recognized by judges. In Italy Rhythmic Gymnastic and Artistic Gymnastic must have the same number of competitions abroad, so the events are distributed fairly between all the gymnasts, and therefore we participate at nearly two competitions beyond the important events.

- Your next appointment are the national trainings this summer. What do you expect?

I expect to get back in shape after a period of rest, to train much and not to lament much. This year I´d like to take the national trainings with another aim: I would like to train with other gymnasts without living with anxiety because they are judging me. I hope to enjoy trainings even if I will work a lot. Something changed after the national serie A of this year; I realized I must face competitions in a different way, performing for myself with less fear.

- Talk a bit of your private life... Do you succeed to conciliate it with the sport activities?

Well, I try. It is not easy because there are many things to do, but they are all beautiful and fascinating, so there´s a valid reason to work so much. The school ended well for me, I had good marks and the next year I am going to attend the last year of scientific high school. I succeeded taking the driving licence and I got a certification of English language. Obviously I must dedicate to all what does not regard gymnastics in the remaining time between competitions and trainings.

- Are there men in your life?

In the first place there is my grandfather Oscar, then my father, my brother…

- Which are your musical tastes?

This is a question that is often made when you compile the questionnaire for the televisions and I never know what to answer! In fact I listen to nearly everything, except punk and heavy metal. I like all kinds of music, therefore when we are travelling I carry the cases and Romina brings music and we have a lot of fun.

- As conclusion… is there any question you would like to be asked but nobody asked you?

Perhaps nobody asked me if I enjoy myself at competitions, or if I am only afraid.

- So... At competitions are you afraid or do you enjoy yourself?

In some routines I am still afraid, in some other I enjoy myself…

G. Casagrande - A. Favarato (translation by A. Favarato)

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