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Interview with Lisa Wang

“ After the World Championship ”

Lisa Wang is the USA National Champion. She won the 2007 All-around competition at the Pan American Games 2007. She placed 31th in the World Championship in Patras in September, where she dreamed to qualify for the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Patras, 21th September 2007

Who she is

Name: Lisa Wang
Date of birth: 24/09/1988
Country: USA

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- How did you started Rhythmic Gymnastics?

I started when I was 10 years old, a gymnastic performance came to our school, I thought it was very interesting and beautiful so I started taking classes and I fell in love with this sport.

- Was this World Championship the biggest event for you?

This is my third World Championship; another big competition I made this year was the Pan American Games, that I won.

- Of course, congratulations! It was your biggest result, wasn´t it?

Yes, It was an amazing experience! This year I have been in so many big competitions.

- You traveled a lot in Europe. Where did you train between competitions?

I trained in Russia, and Croatia right before the World Championship.

- And how is it?

Well, training is difficult, but it is necessary to prepare such a big event like a World Championship.

- Do you like to compare to the Russians during trainings?

The Russians are such an amazing group of gymnasts, the level of their difficulties is so high, so when I am training there I always want to try if I can get even higher.

- What was your expectation for this World Championship? Did you hope to qualify for Beijing?

Yes, since I was little I always dreamed to go to the Olympics. It is very disappointing, but I gave 100%, 110% if possible, I feel I did everything, I am proud of myself. Sometimes things just don´t go your way. I think there is a reason for everything, so maybe God has a better plan for me.

- Are you going to continue with Gymnastics?

I will continue. Perhaps next year I can compete with less pressure on myself and just try to enjoy every moment of my performance!

- Do you want to try for London 2012?

Oh, I don´t know, because I have University too. I love gymnastics, but I think education is extremely important too. So much can happen in 5 years...

- What do you study?

Well, I will start University next year. I want to study International Relations, Public Relations. I enjoy traveling and writing very much. Also, meeting new people is always very exciting for me.

- And what did you studied in the school you ended?

In the american school you study everything: English, French, Maths, Science, History...

- Will you do other competitions this year?

I think we finished for this year, next year we will start again!

- You are american, but you have oriental features...

Yes, I was born in America, my mother and my father came to USA from China and then I was born.

- Are you the only one in your family who makes Gymnastics?

Yes, the first one.

- Do you have any sisters or brother? pets?

I have a little brother. I have a dog, three years old.

- Do you practice also other sports?

No, but later, when I finish gymnastics, I want to start dance: I want to try hip-hop.

- How are your days? How many hours do you train?

I have 6 hours of trainings, 5 hours of school.

- Do you like to travel so much to go to competitions?

Yes, I love to travel, because I love to see different cultures, to try different food.

- How much hard is to travel and work so much? I think it is a bit harder for a girl in USA rather than a gymnast living in Europe.

In the USA education, especially university, is very very important; it´s hard because you need to have school and go to the lessons. Every time I travel, I must bring so many books and homework! While for example the Russians have no school, just some lessons, since they are very little.

- What country would you like to visit?

I would like to go to Australia, I have been in so many European places and I have never been to Australia. I have never been in Italy too.

- Did you become friend of other gymnasts traveling?

I have many friends of different countries, I see these girls everywhere, at every competitions, so we are all friends even if competitors.

- Who is your best friend in gymnastics?

My team-mates in America, some are here.

- Do you have any hobbies?

I like to read and write.

- What is your favorite book or writer?

I like a lot Harry Potter, but I like to read a lot, I don´t have a very favorite.

- And what do you write?

I write something like a diary, about competitions, travels, but just for myself.

- Which is your favourite gymnast?

My favorite is Irina Tchachina.

- Which gymnast did you like most in this World Championship?

I always love the top girls, I really like Kanaeva and Garayeva.

- Which is your favourite apparatus or routine?

Right now my favourite are hoop and clubs.

- What about your routines: do you choose the music and the choreography or is it the choice of your coach?

My coach found some of my music this year, and I found one. Some routines are choreographed by my coach, and two routines of this year are choreographed by a bulgarian choreographer.

- How is the relationship with your coach?

We have a very good relationship. Before I had another coach, who ended in 2005; then I got this coach, Natasha Klimouk, who is originally from Belarus.

- How is Rhythmic Gymnastic in the USA? you have levels, and a trial to select the best gymnasts...

The higher level is level 10. We have a national championships, so the top 20 from the country go to the national championship. The top 8 is the national team, we pick 3 or 4 gymnast to go to the World Championship.

- I think Rhythmic Gymnastic is not too popular in the USA, not as Artistic Gymnastic. Do you think is there any possibility to make RG more popular?

I feel we need more television coverage, but the american television is hard to get, they put a lot of football, basketball and other sport.

- What do you want to become in your life?

I am not sure, because I have so many interests, maybe I will discover something I really love. Maybe I can combine international traveling and journalism.

- Will you keep some relations to the RG world?

Yes, maybe I will work to get Rhythmic Gymnastic more popular in the USA.

- And will you try to coach?

No, I would like to stay involved in some other way. I would love to try and make the American public recognize and appreciate rhythmic gymnastics!

- Thank you and good luck!

Thank you!

A. Favarato

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