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Interview with Carolina Rodriguez

“ After the World Championship ”

Carolina Rodriguez competed in four World Championship in the individual competition, and performed in the Spanish group at the Olympig Games in athens. She placed 73th in the World Championship in Patras in September.

Patras, 21th September 2007

Who she is

Name: Carolina Rodriguez
Date of birth: 24/06/1986
Country: Spain

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- How was this World Championship and what did you expect?

I competed not badly, except at clubs, but I am satisfied of my performances, because my team-mates and I competed very well, we are happy. The only thing didn't satisfy us are teh scores.

- Did you hope to qualify for Beijing, or did you think since the beginning it was too hard?

I knew it was very difficult, because Spain would probably have a spot only for a gymnast in the best 24, and I knew Almudena is very good; a Spanish gymnast could enter but it was nearly impossible that two girls could enter. So I started with the idea I would not be in the top 24, but if it happened... good! It would made the best.

- When did you start Rhythmic Gymnastics?

I started when I was 7 years old, a bit late, in the club "Ritmo" in the city of Leon. After five years I moved to Madrid to train with the national team, and since then I train there, now I am 21 years old.

- How many gymnasts train in the national training centre?

There are 8 gymnasts with the group, four individual junior gymnast, and three senior gymnasts.

- Are you studying?

Not this year. I ended the activity that is a test to enter University, I wanted to do a course of Choreography, dance. I would like it a lot, but my coach said "Or you do this or the other thing".

- Will you do it later?

Yes, in future. I hope to dance, I love dancing.

- Which aspect do you like more of Rhythmic Gymnastic?

Well, I liked before Rhythmic Gymnastic in the past, since there was much more Art, it was beautiful to watch. Now there are many difficulties, it is just a sequence of difficulties, it is a bit all the same... Russians, Belarus gymnasts are all similar. There are few gymnasts showing a different style: the Italian girls have much force, the Spanish girls have a particular style. There are gymnasts not valued for what they have.

- Which is your favourite apparatus?

Clubs and ball, that is out this year.

- Which is the best result of your career and which is the worst?

The best result was at the Olympic Games in Athens, where I competed in group, and we attended the 7th place.

I don't know which is the worst one, when I throw badly I know it is wrong and I immediately think about the consequences.

- Did you like to compete in the group? Do you prefer the individual or the group work?

I am always be an individual gymnast, I competed in the group only twice: with the junior national group in 1999, and in the senior national group in Athens in 2004. I like both because they are very different. To train as individual is very heavy, you must train a lot to clean the difficulties, because the judges will look only at you. To be in the group is another kind of work: for me it is very positive because you are together; it involves many people, the souls are united, it is very beautiful... it is different.

- Do you think you will enter the group again for Beijing?

I don't know. Till now it is only a dream. It is very difficult, we have to see if the group need it. On the other side, Almudena has all the year to prepare herself; if she had problems I should replace her as Spanish individual gymnast, so I must train. Maybe the group could need me to raise the difficulties.

- Are you going to continue with Gymnastics?

I do think so. I know that the World Championship in 2009 will be held in Japan and I love Japan... And even if the work is very hard, I would go even if to visit the country!

- How may hours do you train in the day?

Six or seven hours.

- Can you find the time for your personal life or have you to do sacrifices?

I haven't much time, but if I am able to manage it well I find time to study and time for my boyfriend. My boyfriend is in the national team of fencing.

- Is he qualified for Beijing?

We don't know yet. But the last year at the world championship in Turin he won a silver medal.

- Do you like travelling and visiting countries to compete?

Yes, I love it, even if there isn't much time and it is tiring. I like travelling and making new experiences.

- What country would you like to visit?

Japan! I have never visited yet!

- Did you become friend of other gymnasts traveling?

Not many, Irina Kovalchuck is a good girl.

- Who is your favorite gymnast of the present or of the past?

They are many... Form the past Oksana Kostina, even if I watched her only on videos, but she was very elegant. At the moment my favourite is Anna Bessonova, I cried for her victory.

- Do you have projects for your future?

I don't know yet. Now, after the World Championship, I only want to do some vacation!

- Where will you go?

I will stay for 2 or 3 weeks in the place where I train, but doing vacations, staying a bit with my boyfriend.

- do you want to marry and have a family?

Yes, of course.

- When you retire, will you try to coach?

No, I want to keep far from Gymnastics otherwise I will get crazy, and end badly!

- Thank you!

Thank you!

A. Favarato

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