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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rules and judgment

The length of individual exercises is from 1:15″ to 1:30″, of group exercises from 2:15″ to 2:30″.

The size of the performance floor area is 13mX13m; any crossing of the boundary by the apparatus or by any part of the body touching the ground outside the specified area is penalized.

The apparatus must be in constant motion must be handled with as much variety as possible, and there must be a costant the relationship between gymnast and apparatus. The union between music and movements is fundamental.

Jury consists of 3 groups of judges:

    E =   Execution (max 10.00 points)
    Evaluates cleanliness of body movement technique and handling of apparatus, unity of music and movements.
    A =   Artistry (max 10.00 points)
    Evaluates art aspect of composition, variety of body and apparatus elements, variety of using the performance floor area, harmony between the character and rhythm of the music in every movement and all exercise.
    D =   Difficulty (max 20 / 2 = 10 points)
    Evaluates body difficulties (D1) and apparatus difficulties (D2). To be valid body difficulties must always be coordinated with the technical movement of the apparatus, a throw or a catch of the apparatus.

The final score is obtained as: A + E + (D1 + D2) / 2
The maximum score is 30.

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